Cornstalk LLC

Business to Business Agricultural Promotional Items

Here at CornStalk LLC, we understand the importance of maintaining healthy business relationships in this industry. Farming communities have been built on trust, and these relationships have fostered success. That’s why we’re proud to offer our line of agricultural promotional items. These farm promotional products allow you to advertise your goods and services. Each of our gifts can be customized with your logo or personalized with your customer’s name/business. These products can make great office gifts, and they’re also an excellent way to show off your support for or partnership with your customer base. These agricultural promotional items become treasured gifts by the recipients.

Agricultural Clients Served:
Seed companies, seed dealers, agricultural lenders, crop insurers, crop protection, agricultural equipment dealers and manufacturers, animal feed suppliers, commodity brokers, grain storage manufacturers and facilities, tax preparation, co-operatives, ethanol producers and others engaged in selling products and services to farming operations.

Pricing & Payment Terms

All prices include:

  • Logo printing and setup charges. Digital mock-up provided when required.

  • Shipping

  • Individual customer name for $4.50 per bin. Charge applies only to the number of bins shipped with names. Excel spreadsheet provided to customer to build print file.

Payment terms:

  • Orders generally placed by email to Payment due at time of shipment. Deposit may be required for some projects. Orders over $500 paid by credit card are subject to 5% processing fee.

Product Materials

  • Hoods and Stands: Aluminum

  • Sides: Galvanized steel covering PVC pipe

  • Bases: Engineered plastic or PVC caps

  • Logos: Printed on 3M vinyl wrap

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2” Bins

Ideal replica storage bin for trade shows, side wall height 2.75”, top is not removable

Christmas tree ornaments - 100s of barn quilt designs available! Choose one design or multiple patterns, company logo placed on bottom of ornament


3” Bins

Storage Bins - removable top, customizable to add customers’ names

Feed Bins - NEW PRODUCT for 2019!

Seed Bins - NEW PRODUCT for 2019!


4” Bins

Storage Bins - best selling, very high quality, removable hood

Wren House - only bird house available, mounts using 90° bracket to fence post (not included)


5” Bins

Saving Bank - most popular savings bank, removable hood, demonstrates “making money or saving money” for your customers


6” Bins

Saving Bank - larger version, removable hood

Bird Feeder - smallest feeder available, mounts using 90° bracket to fence post (not included)


8” Bins

Bird Feeder - mounts directly to “T” steel fence post, holds 3 lbs. of bird seed, high quality - best on the market!

Beverage Cooler - storage bin, largest bin available


Custom Signs

Some of our more popular farm promotional products, our custom signs are lightweight, flexible and durable. These signs look great on full-size grain bins or anywhere else on your customer’s farm. Each sign can be customized with a customer’s name, location, and company logo. Contact us today to learn more about our custom design service.


Golf Tee Box Markers & Tee Buckets

Bring a touch of farm-life to your golf course or tournament event.

All products are sold/delivered with client’s logo attached.  The logos are provided by the client and only used to fill orders back to the client.  Logos are printed on 3M vinyl wrap products and are sized/die cut to fit products ordered.