Cornstalk LLC

Do you enjoy bird watching? Have a yard you love to look at in the morning? Consider adding one of our backyard bird feeders to spruce up the area and invite birds over for breakfast in a miniature grain bin or water tower. Our custom bird feeders are wonderful gifts for anyone who loves the culture of farming—and for their backyard birds, too.

Our Birdfeeders:

Our lighthouse backyard bird feeder is one of our most popular. This bird feeder comes in three different colors and features a solar-powered light on top to mimic a fully-functioning light house.

Shop our custom bird feeders today to Invite some fine feathered friends into your yard for a meal!

Helpful Tips and Advice:

 A common problem is squirrel attacking bird feeders. One common solution is to coat bird seed with cayenne pepper. Place 2-3 cups of bird seed into a paper bag, add 1-2 table spoons of cayenne pepper and shake to coat seeds. Add to feeder so this feed comes out. Continue the education process until all squirrels avoid your feeder.