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Wood Duck and Mallard Nest for Sale

Interested in supporting your local duck population? Picking up one of CornStalk LLC’s wood duck nesting boxes is an excellent way to do so. These products are great for properties that sit on or neighbor wetlands. You’ll be able to provide local waterfowl with a place to safely nest and raise the next generation. We have a selection of mallard nesting brackets that can accommodate and protect young mallards.

Our wood duck nesting boxes provide a seasonal nesting option that can be placed on land or in water. Mallard nesting brackets provide a simpler way to protect young mallards from becoming prey.” Our mallard nesting brackets for sale are one of our most popular products. These products are a great way to provide a home for that iconic, beautiful bird.

We do recommend that you remove your wood duck habitat on an annual basis to line up with wood duck nesting patterns. We recommend that you install your new habitat about halfway through February and remove it by the middle of May.     

Ducks love Cornstalk’s houses and nesting platforms – so do our customers!
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